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      Copper unicorns and copper unicorns are mythical animals in ancient China. They are called divine beasts. The specific external characteristics are the conclusions passed down by people from mouth to mouth. No one can say exactly what they look like. So how should we distinguish copper unicorns and copper unicorns in the sculptures we often see?


      From the description of appearance, copper unicorn is very different from copper unicorn. Copper Unicorn has lion head, antler, tiger eye, elk body, dragon scale and ox tail. The hair on the tail is in the shape of dragon tail, and one horn is with meat, while copper Unicorn has tiger and leopard body, head and tail like dragon, the color of hair on the body is also gold and jade, and there are a pair of wings on the back, but it can not be extended, One corner of the head is tilted back.


      In terms of significance and function, copper unicorns are mainly used to add happiness, block evil Qi, zhenzhai Zhenwei, and have the symbol of power, while copper unicorns are mainly used to gather wealth, urge official luck, drive away evil spirits, block evil Qi, zhenzhai and Zhenmu. Although there are similarities in significance, they are actually very different.


      As mysterious beasts, we can choose to place them at home and in the office. Reasonable placement can effectively achieve the expected results. No matter which beast, as long as we devoutly support it, it will make our life full of sunshine.


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